“Saturday Night Fever” a youthful dream

“Saturday Night Fever” is probably best known for the Bee Gees sound track; it being the biggest selling film sound track of all time. Yet beneath the memorable tunes and perfectly crafted lyrics, there is a gritty and very dark reality experienced in the lives of all characters.

When the Holy Spirit Comes on You

No matter how objective, rational and scientific its approach to development might be, even when using verbatim dialogue, the work of theatre is sculptural and multi-dimensional and is highly subjective. And this is its strength and power!

New Year finger to the bullies

Recently I took the unusual step of explaining to students the appropriate use of the “Finger”. A New Year’s resolution might be to offer the literal and metaphoric “Finger” to bullies close up and the bullies on the International stage. Our young artists and society’s thinkers shouldn’t be made targets for Smugnatist bozos who attemptContinue reading “New Year finger to the bullies”