Education mottos and mission statements virtually no one uses while creating a culture of narcissism

Rajimpella Blog makes a helpful list of potential slogans and mottos for schools. Many of the terms will be familiar and utilized in many schools. Of themselves they make great sense for use in schools. However, one must wonder if the aim of education is to create competent life-long learning narcissists with no goal beyond personal and individual advancement!

Have a look at Rajimpella’s impressive list of mottos and slogans:

1. A Schools of Excellence
2. Better future starts here
3. Advancing human understanding
4. Aim for excellence
5. An education that lasts a lifetime
6. Believe bigger. Aim higher
7. Committed to Excellence in Teaching and Learning
8. Learn. Together
9. Developing the creative innovators of tomorrow
10. Dream big, Do right.11. Education that inspires
12. Enabling young Adults
13. Educating for human greatness.
14. Educating Students For Success In A Changing World.
15. Education – Your Door To The Future.
16. Education Is Our Business.
17. Empowering and inspiring all students to excel as life long learners.
18. Empowering students to become scholars.
19. Enabling Our Students To Learn.
20. Making Your Child’s World Better.
21. Modeling excellence.
22. Motivated achievers perform, learn, excel.
23. One school serving all.
24. Open the book of life.
25. We focus on learning. We respect ourselves and others.
26. A Great Place To Learn
27. Achieving Excellence Together
28. A Place Where Children Soar
29. Prepare to soar
30. Prepare to lead
31. Dare to be remarkable
32. Lead, inspire, make a difference
33. An opportunity for every underprivileged child
34. Learning for life
35. Succeeding together
36. Cultivating brilliant minds
37. Sowing the leaders for tomorrow
38. Breeding individuality
39. Beyond learning
40. Nurturing an exciting future for the world
41. Grow. Explore. Discover
42. The Future Begins Here!
43. A brighter future for all
44. Imagine greatness
45. A Family Of Learning
46. Where learning is fun
47. A foundation for the future
48. Imagine, create, participate
49. A Great Place For Education
50. A Great Place To Learn
51. A Partnership In Discovery
52. Be nice. Work hard
53. Creating Our Children’s Future
54. Educating for human greatness
55. Opening doors through literacy
56. Opportunities For Lifelong Learning
57. Touching Lives Forever
58. Where Love Is Shown Daily
59. Together for excellence
60. We Enter To Learn, Leave To Achieve”


Is there any school or educational institution that has as its motto:

“creating crap detectives” or

“removing culturally ingrained blinkers” or

“freeing the open mind” or

“subverting tyranny” or

“enhancing authority skepticism” or

“social regeneration” or

“creating cultures of reason and love” or

“striving for change” or

“embracing pain and hardship” or

“willingness for social and climate activism” and more?

to emphasize the responsibility each person has for each other and for the environment in which individuals, societies and cultures operate. Probably not!

Without a statement of purpose for individual linking to relational responsibility educational slogans and mottos risk simply orientating educational practice to the inherent narcissism of individual self-interest. Based within our slogans and mottos there needs to be recognition of harsh truths and social purpose. Without the focus on the harsher and darker sides of necessary resilience within a paradigm of responsibility, our population is doomed to a sense of failure leading to depression, anxiety, ennui and other forms of escapism.

Think about it …

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For more than twenty years, I have worked as a writer, theatre director, actor, dramaturg, producer and teacher. ​My work with Shadow House PITS best demonstrates a particular blending of Artaud’s ideal of a “theatre of cruelty”, Brecht’s “epic theatre” and the absurdist theatre of “Ionesco”. This website offers scripts and writings that illustrate this blending. Each script has had at least one season of public performances; most have had multiple seasons. Prior to Shadow House PITS I spent twenty years as a journeyman working at La Boite Theatre (1970s), being an Artistic Director of a theatre-in-education company (Jigsaw) and running a theatre school, Stagecoach (9 years). At one point I also was co-producer of a commercial theatre and bar (PITS) with David Bates. I regard all this prior time as doing a kind of dues in order to focus myself on what is necessary to write and produce work that has value. One needs to do one’s dues in order to have the temerity to declare one’s offerings for public perusal and judgement. Over recent years, I have produced and directed plays from the Western theatre canon, including: HAMLET, TAMING OF THE SHREW, TWELFTH NIGHT, KING LEAR and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM by William Shakespeare and THE RESISTIBLE RISE OF ARTURO UI and MOTHER COURAGE by Bertolt Brecht and THE CRUCIBLE by Arthur Miller. These were all performed by student actors. My own work is more directly influenced by Antonin Artaud, Brecht, Ionesco and Butoh. Have a look at the sample texts and some of the video links. Consider purchasing one for yourself. I hope you enjoy your time here with Shadow House PITS.

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